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MOS Burger Wagyu Bacon Cheese Brown Rice Burger Promotion


Packed with mouth-watering bacon, yummy veggies, a perfect sunny-side up and rich Hokkaido cheese made from luxurious raw milk, sandwich-ed between 2 brown rice patties made with Hokkaido’s "Dream Beauty" rice, MOS Burger Wagyu Bacon Cheese Brown Rice Burger ($8.50) is bringing you the beauty and nature of Hokkaido right at the tip of your tongue! Accompanied with a refreshing Pink Guava Iced Tea ($4.20) that has the right tinge of sweetness and tart perfect to wash down a tangy and delectable burger.

Get both goodness now only for $11.45 at all MOS Burger, MOS Cafe and also MOS Burger Express outlets.

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Posted on 15 Feb, 2023



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