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Dian Xiao Er Chef Showdown Collect Stamps To Receive Up To $360 Voucher Promotion


Unlock a flavorful adventure and earn rewards!

Indulge in all 16 Chef Showdown dishes and receive $360 worth of voucher* as a token of Dian Xiao Er appreciation!

For every set of 4 stamps collected within the same region, you'll receive a $15 DXE voucher.

Here's the grand prize: Collect all 16 stamps by savoring each Chef Showdown dish at Dian Xiao Er 15 outlets, and you'll receive an astounding $300 worth of DXE vouchers!

Begin your stamp collection, savor the exquisite cuisine, and let your taste buds lead you to a treasure trove of vouchers!

Remember, these exquisite creations are exclusively available at their designated outlets, so plan your gastronomic journey accordingly!

T&Cs apply.

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Posted on 20 Sep, 2023



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